A Proposal to Establish a Second Internet for Pornographic Content

So all pornographic content can be removed from the existing Internet, transforming it into a truly general-purpose tool, meaning, one that is fully appropriate for unrestricted and even largely unsupervised use by persons of every age, and level of maturity and sensitivity.


GenNet:  The general, first Internet for all content save that which is pornographic.

AdultNet:  The second Internet, specifically and strictly for pornographic content.

Two Internets should exist. As of now, the year 2012, planet Earth has an Internet, "the" Internet. However, a second Internet should be permanently established for visual, and perhaps textual, content that is pornographic. The presence of adult-oriented chat rooms would also be restricted to the adult-oriented Internet. Our present Internet of 2012 is such a wonderful, amazing, and increasingly essential resource, yet the fact is that pornographic content, as its more sober underbelly, is ubiquitous and in some measure a taint.

The physical and technical infrastructure for this second Internet can surely be developed, and in fact may already exist. The system might require a separate physical infrastructure. I'm sure that Cisco Systems and other such providers would be only too happy to undertake all the required work.

A principal and dramatic advantage to this two-Net system would be that families, schools, businesses, governmental institutions, individuals with porn addictions, and others would be assured that in accessing Internet One, or GenNet, the general purpose Internet, they would never, and indeed could never, run into or view any sort of pornographic content. Families would breathe a huge collective sigh of relief.

Internet Two, or AdultNet, would be the only Internet that would hold and present pornographic content. As long as families and others did not subscribe to internet service for the AdultNet, which they'd have to for access to adult content, they'd be assured that their children could surf the Web relatively problem-free, and with far less supervision than presently required.

Such parental supervision still required would exist only to help educate and shepherd young minds through what are essentially normal and accepted human practices, such as a woman breast-feeding a child, an image that obviously would not be considered pornographic and whose existence would thus be permitted on GenNet.

The TWO NET system would solve many problems and simplify others, such as the present need for parents to install and maintain blocking software.

I apply this idea to pornographic content alone, not violent, gambling, or other content that some also find objectionable or requiring segregation, because the former is so ubiquitous, and is such a tantalizing attraction for so many.


This proposal does not comprise a personal commentary or judgement on the ultimate value or place of pornographic content in society. Thus, my tagline "Get the holes out of the Net" is not meant as a prejudicial or pejorative assessment of pornography, but refers instead to the fact that the ubiquity of pornography, a kind of content that is particularly and uniquely adult, does arguably compromise the role, presence, and existence of the Internet as a general purpose resource, meaning a resource fully appropriate for persons of every age, and level of maturity and sensitivity. This compromise is what I mean by "holes."

In fact, an alternative tagline such as "Let's elevate the Internet" would be just as apropos and acceptable.


We could continue to conceptualize the Internet as "the internet," that is to say a single entity, but with two distinct parts, channels, or paths. We'd then have a "dual-Net" or "double-Net." I prefer my initial conceptualization, however.


For purposes of allocation, decisions must obviously be made, or better put, conclusions must be drawn, regarding what constitutes "pornography," or better yet, what is "pornographic." The concept and accompanying term "pornographic" is superior in that it provides for the possibility that some images may not constitute pornography strictly speaking, that is, may not be of naked women (or men), but may still be salacious.

Straightforward common sense will guide implementation. For example:


- A naked woman innocently showering, even with breasts and genitalia showing: not pornographic.

- A naked woman in the shower spreading her legs salaciously: pornographic.

- A woman in a bikini top and bottom: not pornographic.

- A woman in a bikini top and bottom spreading her legs salaciously: pornographic.

Chat Rooms

Information services such as America Online that presently feature adult-oriented chat rooms would have to transfer that component to the new Net.


A critique of the TWO NETS proposal might include the following elements:

  1. Censorship. The existence of a dedicated Internet for pornographic content will not constitute censorship because A.) the content will still exist. In fact, once such a dedicated reservoir or container for such content exists, its volume and character may in fact increase, and B.) the assignment of pornographic content to the AdultNet will not be done by third-party individuals, but by voluntary action by the providers and originators of the content, themselves.

    In the case of disputed material, an adjudicative body comprised of persons from government, the porn industry, consumer groups, and others, as well as experts in human sexual psychology, and interested citizens, themselves, will rule.

  2. "Separate but equal." This criticism also seems weak because the object of this effort is not people, as was the case in the civil rights movement, but a particular kind of information resource. Moreover, we might argue that, in fact, the proposal does imply an inequality between porn and nonporn, though a justified inequality. Or, the proposal might be interpreted to argue not an inequality, as such, between these two kinds of content, but simply a substantive, critical, and indeed decisive difference in kind.

  3. Economic discrimination. Perhaps such a charge of will be leveled, as it would force consumers seeking pornographic content to subscribe to a second Internet. I'm confident that as a global society we can resolve this.

  4. Objectification of Women. The TWO NETS proposal is not intended to address this charge, but is instead based on the likely continued existence of pornographic content. Still, once the larger Internet that most people use is completely free of pornographic content, most adults and children will virtually never encounter and find exposure to porn, thus slowing and perhaps in some measure preventing the development of attitudes of objectification.

  5. Exploitation of Sex workers. Neither is the proposal intended to address this charge, but is instead based on the likely continued existence of pornographic content.


The TWO NETS concept will not be perfect, but if carefully implemented should work a miracle, revolutionizing the Internet in a way that is as critical as it is overdue. The most workable system would likely not require a committee or other group to examine all images of women, but would rather comprise a voluntary system, whereby source providers (not ISPs) of actual pornography and quasi-pornography upload their material only to the AdultNet, and if caught uploading and presenting it on GenNet would be subject to substantial relevant penalties, such as immediate shutdown of their sites, and large and progressive fines.

Let us implement the TWO NETS system now, before the existing Net gets any larger, more sprawling, and more complex, and the job becomes that much more difficult.


Persons, organizations, or institutions wishing to promulgate this idea are encouraged to do so, each in their own way, as widely as possible. Please link your efforts to this website, however, and credit me with the idea if you'd be so kind, as before creating this website and presenting this idea to the world I searched the Net for it in vain.

Persons, organizations, or institutions advocating this idea are encouraged to submit your names to me and I will list you here in my master list, with your link.

This site went live on Thursday, November 01, 2012.


Vincent Frank De Benedetto, originator of the TWO NETS concept, is a philosopher, musician, New York Times-reprinted writer, Agape Master, health educator, Silence Activist, family caregiver, and the former resident Leafblower & Community Relations Expert at a national anti-noise organization. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University.

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